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Building Act 1993 Building (Interim) Regulations 2017 Reg 301.
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* I hereby advise that no other Building Surveyor has been engaged for this building work.
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I have read and accepted the terms and agreements specified below:

Terms And Agreements.

• No other Building Surveyor has been appointed for this building work & works have not already been constructed/commenced.
• I understand that my Building Permit may be delayed if all relevant documentation is not supplied.
• I understand that if all copies of plans and certificates are not supplied, I may be charged photocopying fees at the relevant rate.
• I understand that under Schedule 2 of the Building Act 1993, the fee for building surveying services must be paid on Application.
• West Side Building Surveying may agree to provide services to you under this application on credit. In order to process your application and manage the relationship, by signing this agreement, I/we agree to West Side obtaining from a credit reporting body(ies) information about me/us in relation to commercial credit provided by West Side and exchanging information with other credit providers including personal information about me/us.
I/we agree that if I/we default on our terms of engagement, West Side may list information about my/our credit default with a credit reporting agency.
• If this application and / or Building Permit is cancelled fees may apply at the discretion of West Side Building Surveying.
• I understand that all Building Notices, Building Orders and Building Act Section breaches served upon the owner or builder will incur a fee as set by West Side Building Surveying. • West Side Building Surveying may, at any stage, be entitled to withhold supply of goods or services until any outstanding invoices have been paid to the satisfaction of West Side Building Surveying.
• All accounts are to be settled in full within the agreed trading terms noted on the Invoice.
• These terms will only continue if payment is maintained in accordance with the agreed trading terms.
• Should the Applicant default in making any payment in accordance with the agreed trading terms, then all monies due to West Side Building Surveying shall immediately become due and payable.
• Further fees and charges will apply if action to recover an outstanding balance is undertaken – this may include charges from Debt Recovery firms/agencies and/or legal firms.
• It is expressly understood and agreed that this arrangement may be terminated at any time by West Side Building Surveying. In that event, all monies owing to West Side Building Surveying will be immediately due and payable.
• West Side Building Surveying will rely on the accuracy and completeness of all information supplied by you in performing our obligations under this agreement;
• The Applicant warrants that the information provided is accurate, correct and complete and that they have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this Application for a Building Permit.

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